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Has The World Really Gone To Sh*t?

Whilst man made bombs obliterate much of the middle east, societies riot over economic issues, a president builds a wall between 'his' country and another, the extinction of Earth's species accelerates at a ridiculous rate and much of Europe concern themselves with the very boring subject of Brexit, you're sat staring at a screen in disbelief, wondering what the fuck is happening to the world! 

And that's without bringing into play the direct effects of a shit job, long hours, a dick of a boss, and a general lack of cash. 

I hear ya! I really do! And I'm going to fix it all... Right now!

Not with some sucky ass 'free - once in a lifetime' course or 'miracle' product... But with a few words and a few minutes of your time!

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Man has been on this planet for a fraction of a minute. To be precise, if we were to place the time Earth has spun around our solar system onto a 24 hour clock, modern humans would represent roughly 4 single seconds! Yes... That's it! And just to put that into perspective, dinosaurs would occupy roughly 53 minutes of that same clock. Mind blowing right? It gets better.

Earth sits very insignificantly in a small galaxy containing roughly 200 Billion (200,000,000,000!) stars... Yep, that's a lot right.

Especially when you figure that there are another 350 billion (350,000,000,000!) galaxies out there each containing a similar amount of stars. 

And to top that, there are many theories to suggest that the universe could actually be expanding and contracting alongside millions of other universes!

The Milky Way & Surrounding Stars In Night Sky

Irrelevant aren't we!

But still not irrelevant enough to ditch our issues... I mean, it's not right that people are still starving on the other side of the world and it's not right that polar bears are floating away on drifting icebergs, or that Earth is running out of nutritious topsoil for vegetative growth, or that the whole ecosystem could be on the verge of collapse...

Well, it wouldn't be the first time! You see our planet has already undergone 5 previous mass extinctions that we know of; 2 as a result of climate change, 2 as a result of mass volcanic activity and 1 as a result of asteroid impacts. And humans; well, in the very short time we've been here... we've always been very, well... human! Bickering, fighting, corruption, power struggles; none of this is new... And little of it is confined wholly to humans. Look at any animal... Nature can be a real bitch to watch at times.

Do I think mankind will live a long and prosperous future? As the timeline would have it, we've statistically speaking got a good stint left. But then, what the hell do statistics matter? Truth is, there's only one thing that's nearly sure as shit...

Earth has a long and prosperous future ahead... With or without the human race.

And strictly speaking if it were to be without the human race, each of us would remain anyway, in one form or another - since the only matter that has ever left Earth has done so on a space shuttle.

Earth From Outer Space With Hurricane In Shot

Rarely do us human's take the time to lie back, look up and reflect on just how insignificant and irrelevant we really are. I mean, we're here on a fucking tiny rock, floating in the middle of a huge black abyss, amongst billions and billions of other rocks doing the same thing. We avoid catastrophic strikes from other rocks daily with only statistical chance and a minor gravitational advantage to thank for our survival, we revolve around a blazing hot hydrogen bomb year after year and Earth only continues spinning because it's initial momentum hasn't ground to a halt yet! 

To put it into context, we live on a spinning top that is slowing but hasn't stopped yet, which is circling a bonfire, is having millions of marbles thrown at it from 50 yards away and has already been hit once. And did I mention that the spinning top was floating?

You couldn't be any less relevant. And nor could some orange assholes wall or Brexit! Particularly when Earth is dissolved by the sun in a few billion years. None of it will matter.

Solar Flare In Space With Visible Stars in Background

That's not to say that we should give up our morally good efforts in the world or retire our compassion, because it is those very efforts and that very compassion that balance the extreme and undesirable traits of nature; keeping it as loving and as positive as can be for those that are consciously experiencing 'the now!' 

But what we should do is occasionally detach. Or some would say attach. But for the purposes of today I will say detach! You need time to detach from politics, from never ending global war, from your dick of a boss, from your shit pay check, or even from Brexit. You need time to just detach from the bullshit... To recharge! 

A Man With Cap At Peace With Himself With Eyes Closed And Sky In Background

And I have the answer. You're not going to like it... But that's because you have a pre-conceived idea of a man sitting in the 'garden of Eden' with his legs crossed and his fingers and thumbs in the air muttering 'humm-nomm-nomm.' And that pre-conception is completely wrong!

Meditation is simple, easy and quick! 

Meditation is a really shit word for a really good practice. At the start of this article I promised that I could fix all of your negative feelings towards the world's issues in a few minutes... And I'm maintaining that promise, providing you spend 15 minutes carrying out this beginner meditation today.

I mean it... If you're in work, promise yourself to do it today. If you're not... Do it now! If it doesn't work, comment in the comment box 'shit post: Sack your blogger' and when it does work - Well I don't need a thank you... But I assure you that if you have never even attempted a meditation, then this one video will definitely improve your life. I'd also like to state that I have no affiliation with this geezer whatsoever... He's merely one of the better tutors out there! 

So shut the curtains... hang a 'do not disturb' sign on the door... Turn the volume up enough that it blocks most of the noise of the outside world... Get super comfortable (lie down if you can) - Ideally you want to remain completely still for the full 15 minute track... Try to do this by yourself... And know that you're coming out of this a more aware person than you went in.

Until next time, enjoy your new found hobby! You're going to spend the remainder of your existence wondering what everybody is so damn bothered about all of the time! 

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