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Improve Your Sex Life With... Food?

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Welcome back beauties. This week we're on a mission to discover what food we should be devouring before sex and which foods in particular we should be avoiding!

So there's the obvious food choices to enhance naughty bedroom behaviour such as the cucumber, whipped cream, melted chocolate and ice (cubed, cream or pops). These popular bedroom foods are to be both played with and eaten, heightening the sexual pleasure for both participants. There are no rules for introducing these foods into the bedroom, just have fun exploring and discovering new delights with your partner.

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So we know the above choices are perfect for during intercourse, but what should we be eating beforehand? Let's face it ladies, most of us get that awful bloated feeling after bread or pasta, so try to avoid eating too many carbs. Instead, lets get munching on strawberries. Strawberries are loaded with zinc that both men and women require before intercourse as this mineral is significantly reduced in our bodies after the cheeky act.

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Avocados are the pre-sex holy grail of food. Loaded with folic acid (or 'frolic' acid) that provides the body with energy (you're going to need a lot of that) and also bursting with vitamin B6 that helps to stabilise hormones. We want multiple orgasms not multiple mood swings.

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Watermelon... Gents, it's responsible for improving your erection whilst giving your libido a burst (It's like the new Viagra!) Ladies, watermelon increases the blood flow to that special place, increasing the chance of orgasm!!! Whoo hoo! Watermelon anyone?

juicy slices of red watermelon


Walnut and Almonds... Now obviously avoid if any of you have nut allergies. But if you're a nutty lover, get those walnuts down your chops as they are known to increase the quality of semen. That's right upgrade your sperm from 'smart price' to 'Your Finest!' and allow the almonds to help you maintain an erection... Can we all just say “Thank you Nuts”!!!

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Oysters... Yep they may look vile but slurp a few of these bad boys down and your sex drive will shoot through the roof. These natural aphrodisiacs boost testosterone, so just get over their appearance and you won't regret it!

Oysters on a platter of ice


Chocolate... Commonly known for it's talent of helping your body release 'happy hormones' or 'endorphins', we all know a happy woman likes to keep her partner happy. Quick, go get her some choccy!

heart shaped box filled with delicious chocolate


Coffee... Stimulates the brain and encourages spikes in your sex drive. Even the offer of a coffee sounds like an exciting invite to sexy town. Get drinking up those cappuccinos guys!

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Saffron.. Not only does this rich red herb infuse delicious flavour into rice dishes, but it is also a natural aphrodisiac. Saffron boosts your sex drive, stamina and energy. Pop more in your meal next time and enjoy!

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Ginger... The spicy, zingy flavour creates a sensitive tingle in the mouth that can add to your arousal. Not only will this get things hotting up but it also aids in digestion, so with just a little bit of ginger you'll be feeling great and ready to go!

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So there are a few food ideas that can help advance our sexual experiences. But what should we be avoiding?

Alcohol... Yes we know it starts well, you feel sexy, confident and well 'up for it'. But when the true effects kick in, it actually makes you sloppy, lazy and well let's just say... An under-performer!

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Cauliflower, Kale & Beans... Yes we know we usually encourage you to eat your veggies, but in this circumstance you should give these a miss. Veggies farts are not a turn on!

Cauliflower and veg


Salt.. Anything that holds too much salt can leave you feeling dehydrated and bloated, this will instantly kill your sex drive... And possibly you if it clogs up your arteries!

Table salt in bar


Fizzy drinks... Passing gas (either way) is a big turn off for most people. So save your fizzy hit until after physical time, you may require a sugar boost then. Perhaps for now drink milk or water?

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Now go stock up on the good 'sexual' food and have yourselves a wicked time. Right, I'm off to buy oysters before you lot grab them all, see you next week!

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