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Naturally Fxxked Up Facts

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How long have you lived on this planet? I'm guessing if you can read this then probably a while unless... You're a super advanced baby (which I now believe is totally possible). Well, I've been here a good 30 years and I have recently discovered some mind blowing facts about our world that I just have to share. Seriously sit down and get ready to say “What the hell” repeatedly for the next 5 minutes!

Fact's that'll blow you away....

We'll start off easy. Here's a light hearted little fact about the Platypus species... They swim with their eyes closed! I do that too, I was probably a platypus in a past life.

Platypus swimming with eyes closed


Okay getting a little weirder now, can you handle it? Owls... Don't have eyeballs. They have EYETUBES!!! WHAT?! EWWW!!! EYE... TUBES! My mind is blown already!

Beautiful Owl with Natural Bright Yellow Eyes


Here's an oldie but goodie... Wombat poo is cubed shaped. How cute is that? Obviously it's not too cute because it is still poo. 

Wombat With Cubed Poo


Less than 80% of our oceans have been explored. This leaves me awkwardly questioning 'what else is out there that we don't know about?' maybe mermaids are real?

Mysterious Sea and Sky


We've all learnt about the great old strong, scary powerful dinosaurs. But, did you know the closest living relative to the famous T-Rex is actually a chicken. Yeah I'm going to start keeping my eyes on those little cluckers!

Curious chicken


So here's a strange one... Male giraffes drink the females urine to gauge ideal mating times. Thank God this doesn't work for humans!

Beautiful Giraffe In Nature


Lets learn a new word – Parthenogenesis... This means 'reproduction without fertilisation'. There are virgin female species giving birth to only females. Sounds impossible but it's happening with Turkeys, Komodo Dragons, Salamanders and even the Wild Whiptail Lizards. Plus there's said to be more species cutting out all male participation in creating their young. I see where the future is heading... See ya boys!

Lady On Horse Waving Goodbye


Did you know... If a honeybee continues to waggle dance in favour of an unpopular nesting site, other workers headbutt her to help the colony reach a consensus. Lesson to take from this... Clearly nature wants us to headbutt those fussy awkward folk until they stop being so damn stubborn!

Busy Honeybees in Hive


The famous jellyfish 'Turritopsis Dohrnil' is officially the only IMMORTAL creature. The secret is apparently a lack of maturity... Maybe my boyfriend will live forever too?!

Colourful Jellyfish


Can you handle more? Are you sure? Butterflies... aww we love these little guys. Well, it turns out they'll happily drink human blood, sweat and tears. Ummmm... not so cute any more!

Colourful butterfly on flower


This one has my heart aching... Male gentoo and Adelie penguins propose to females by giving them a pebble. How cute is that! I thought it was cute when my boyfriend gave me a slice of his pizza once, damn I should have been a penguin!

Penguins in love


This one makes me light headed... Octopuses have 3 hearts! WOW, that's a lot of love!

Octopus Swimming in the ocean


Still in the ocean, Colossal Squids can grow to the size of a bus!

Giant Squid swimming


Sloths can't shiver, now I know they're lazy but come on they can't even be bothered shivering to warm themselves up (or something scientific about muscle mass) but I know sloths... they just can't be bothered!

Sloth hanging on a tree


Last one (for now).... A human brain operates on about 15 watts. After these facts, mine has officially blown a fuse. Like... I'm numb!

Confused Man

Please feel free to blow the minds of your nearest and dearests and I'll be back when I've absorbed all this new information!

Until next time, stay WICKED!

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