A selection of different coffees

Oh My Coffee!

Rich Brown Coffee Beans

Yeah that's right, I'm talking beans again. But don't worry, they're COFFEE BEANS of course, or as some would say "The bean of the Gods!”

So coffee beans are my second favourite of the bean world (obviously nothing beats the cocoa bean). But did you know, coffee beans are actually the little seeds of the berries found on coffee plants. These coffee plants are being grown by the masses in over 70 different countries... Now that's a whole lot of coffee for one planet. The flavours and strengths vary depending on the type of bean and country of growth. Explore the taste sensations from the Guatemalan coffee to the Italian or African bean. How can one person possible try all these incredible varieties in just one lifetime? That being said, I just can't start the day without a hot cup of those little seedlings, so perhaps I should try mixing up my beans more often.

Coffee can be drank in many ways, I like mine with a lot of milk, I'd pick a latte every time. What type of coffee are you?


“Laid Back Latte”

Cafe Latte with bear shaped from foamed milk

Yep, that's me. A little taste of coffee but not too much. One shot of espresso topped up with steamed milk. Latte drinkers tend to be chilled out, relaxed souls just enjoying life. There's nothing too extreme about a latte drinker.


“The Crazy Cappa”

Cappuccino served in a black mug

This bubbly human is the type of coffee pal you need on a fun day out. They'll spruce up a dull day and leave you as happy as a packet of jumping beans. The famous cappuccino is known as the perfect 3. Prepared as followed... 1/3 coffee, 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 foamed milk for that delicate bubbled texture.


“Espresso Extra”

Serving a splashing espresso

Wow. Yeah these guys are strong spirited, they know exactly what they want, how they want it and when they want it. Don't mess with the espresso drinkers, they can handle anything. These extroverts are bold characters. The espresso is served as a single or double shot of straight up hard espresso coffee. These guys take coffee seriously, never offer them milk as it would be seen as an insult!


“Not Fussy Flat White”

Flat White Coffee Surrounded By Coffee Beans

Flat white folk are the “I'm not fussy” but actually are type. You know the “I like everything, but not that, or that, or that, yeah I don't like that either” type. Flat whities like everything just right. They're not too spontaneous and must abide by the set tasks of the day. Flat whites are similar to a latte but with less milk and the milk used in a flatty is smooth and velvety unlike the bubbly foamy latte milk. Flat white = Flat personality.


“Mocha Machine”

Coffee Mocha

Yesss, Yes, Yes, the chocolate/coffee variant of the latte! Coffee and chocolate, the perfect combination. Like seriously, what's not to like? Especially when the barista goes all out and adds a heap of dusted chocolate and a flake on top!


“Coffee Criminal”

Man spying

This person will do anything for a coffee. They have no preference, they'll take it however it's served. These guys drink an insane amount of coffee just to get through the day. Keep an eye on your fresh coffee as it'll be gone in seconds if a coffee criminal spots it!


“Ice Ice Baby”

Iced Latte served over ice cubes

Ahh, the sunshine worshippers. As soon as the sun appears so do the iced lattes. You'll spot this ice cold drinker probably with the car roof down and the sunshades on. These folk live for the cool life! Serve iced lattes/ cappuccinos over ice for the best taste and experience.


“I'll Take a Tea”

Tea cup and tea pot

Well, what can we say? I guess you really can't please everyone.

That's enough of me beaning on with myself. I'll catch you next week you cheeky little beauties... Did someone say coffee break???

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