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Veganism... Right Or Wrong?

Naturally Wicked like subjects that are close to the bone... But what about our tastebuds?!? How close to the bone should they get?

Eating meat is something that animals have done since day one on this planet. Lions, Tigers, Crocs... Hell, even some of the dinosaurs couldn't stick to chomping on greens. So why should we? 

I often think of the world and what an evil, horrific and unjust globe we have all been born upon. Certain creatures are predisposed to only survive by feasting upon the body of something 'weaker'. Survival of the fittest, we call it.

Lion Eating Gazelle

I mean seriously, if there is a god (and we'll save that debate for another day), what a sadistic bastard? We're placed here in what can effectively be viewed as hell... where the 'weak' are eaten alive and eventually murdered and the 'strong' are allowed to continue their savage habits until something bigger comes along. 

Then, when I allow myself to sink deeper into thought, I think... 'Well if I were god, how would i set up the state of play? What would I have happen here on earth?' Well, the answer's kind of obvious to any half sane person I hope. I would have a world full of grass, full of trees, full of fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants, kind of like it is really (or at least, was)... Only I would have every animal naturally born as a Vegan. Fluffy bunnies bounding around, tigers living amongst humans, sharks chewing algae, glorious displays from flocks of birds in their millions. 

Beautiful thought, right. And what a great God I would make. Everyone living in harmony. No need for survival of the fittest.  

Pig Swimming With Bird On Back

But looking into the deeper reality of this situation, it would not be so. For an ever increasing population of animals (that would be us too) depends upon an ever increasing amount of resources. With only 57 million square miles of land here on Earth, my plan wouldn't last a year. Fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants would become so scarce that all would eventually starve to death or die of illness.

A more insightful species might even over-forage and stock food to the detriment of others and to the benefit of themselves... Sounds familiar right. And some may find it beneficial to adapt and to eat other animals... Other animals that have taken more than their fair share of fruits and vegetables. I mean why not... I'd eat the greedy bastard that took my last apple... especially if that were reserved to prevent my young baby from starving. Sounding a lot like hell again, right?

Well, maybe hell isn't so hellish after all. Maybe what the 'big guy' made (if indeed there is a 'big guy') was an absolutely perfect balance. A balance where only the strongest of each species have the ability to survive and produce genetically similar offspring. And where those who don't have a beneficial or fruitful location have adapted to eat the weaker of other species. If these weak were allowed to survive and breed, they may even go on to eventually result in the collapse of an entire species, particularly if and when faced with hardship.

Nature - Lady And Sheep

A perfect balance, right. Roughly 30% of Earths animals are carnivorous (meat eaters), 30% are herbivore (Veggies) and about 40% are omnivorous (undecided... Yes, we know, it's so 21st Century.)  

Without the presence of shadows, light loses its significance. Wickedness is essential in defining the essence of beauty.

But what about humans. I mean, we're animals right? We just happen to be the most successful animal on Earth at this present moment. So should we eat meat? There are arguments for and against, most date back to what we are naturally predisposed for... Be it the teeth we have, the position of our eyes or the length of our guts. 

Well, looking back on our journey in this article so far, I would perhaps say we're looking at all the wrong evidence. After all, we know that animals (yes, we are animals) all have the ability to adapt to their environment as much as is necessary to ensure the survival of their species. As an adaptable and adapted animal, looking back to our ancestors' original predispositions is surely irrelevant. For me, the questions we need to be asking are as follows:

(A) Does the action of humans eating meat naturally ween out the weaker of a species to ensure the continued existence of the strongest? 

(B) Are we faced with hardship in the strive for fresh fruit, vegetables and grains?

(C) Have we been entrusted with the knowledge and compassion to make an informed choice?

Choices are made based on perspective and perspective is based wholly on experience and education.  So who am I to say who should and shouldn't eat meat. As humans, what I would say is that we have the ability to question. And it would be ignorant to not utilise that ability. 

Lady meditating on mountain

Next time a mass produced, practically manufactured wagon full of sheep or cattle passes you on the motorway, do yourself the favour of questioning, even if only quietly in your own head. 

Next time you wander down the meat aisle at the supermarket, question yourself.

And similarly, the next time a small bullock chases you through a field, at least ask yourself what the fuck you were doing in that field. 

You are human and regardless of your choices, you are beautiful. All I ask is that we all keep on questioning; for whilst we have the ability to question and we utilise that ability, we are doing exactly what nature intended for us to do. We are maintaining the balance. 

Stay Wicked Folks. Until next time! 

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