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Hey wicked ones, I'm back and this time we're getting spiritual and discovering our 'Spirit Animals'... “Purrrfect”. Now I'm not talking about your dead cat Jessy or your deceased dog Noodle, I'm talking about your soul and its connection to the animal world. 

You may not be a believer, but hey you can still have fun discovering which animal traits relate to your personality... And for those who do believe... Check out these interesting ways on how to connect with your spirit animal.

Beautiful Wolves With Glowing Moon

How to connect

  • Meditation – There are some fabulous meditations out there that teach you this process. Simply check out a few on YouTube.
  • Going into nature and observing – See how the animals treat each other, how do they act when they are alone. Do you see your behaviour in any of the animals?
  • Calling the animal – (Don't just open a window and start shouting out animal names, your neighbours will think you've lost the plot). Try calling out (in a quiet tone or within your head) to the universe and inviting your spirit animal into your life, then simply watch out for the animal that makes itself known to you. This animal will start appearing in your life more and more. Study its traits.
  • Self-inquiry – Deeply search within yourself for the person you are. Write down your emotions, the way you connect with others, the way you feel about certain situations such as being alone in the dark. Then connect it to the traits of an animal similar to yourself.
  • Journeying with sound – Using sound is a great way of discovering yourself, go with the music, how does it make you feel? What animals appear in your imagination?

Once you have discovered your Spirit Animal, you must learn what it means to you and how this animal is assisting you on your current life path. Check these out:


The Bat

Bat On Black Night Background

I know a lot of people that dislike bats due to their darkness and eerie personas, but I think these little fruity night lovers are the cutest things on Earth. Seriously, have you heard their high pitched squeaks... So adorable. Spiritually, these little critters are a symbol of communication, this is due to their advanced social skills and strong family bonds. These little darkness lovers are highly sensitive and nurturing... Not so scary any more right? Bats are very perceptive, they symbolise 'Truth' and 'Rebirth' as they spread their wings at dusk from the womb of Mother Earth.

Spiritual meanings of the Bat: Illusion, Rebirth, Intuition, Inner depth, Communication, Transition, Understanding Grief, Sensitivity, Superstition, Changes For Better, Moon Magic & Guardian of the Night.


The Bear

Cute Bear In The Wild

Aww we all love the bear, from Winnie The Pooh to Paddington. Did you know, spiritually the bear represents Strength and Courage? These adorable fluff cubs have been worshipped throughout history as a powerful animal totem. The bear encourages people to stand up against adversity, take leadership and to remain in touch with the Earth. The bear is a powerful guide for those currently experiencing sadness and weakness, it teaches growth and strength through time, patience and rest.

Spiritual meanings of the Bear: Strength, Courage, Leadership, Growth, Support, Stable foundations, Strength, Fearlessness & Confidence.


The Cat

Adorable Grey Cat

If your Spirit Animal is a cat, it's encouraging you to take action and have courage to explore the unknown. The cat is teaching you to develop a great balance between independence and togetherness. You are no lone wolf, as independent as you may be, time bonding with others is essential. The cat teaches you to love both the light and dark and to know the exact moments to be observant and when to take action. With this spirit animal, you're sure to be going on a wild adventure of self discovery.

Spiritual meanings of the Cat: Patience, Independence, Adventure, Courage, Depth, Relaxation, Self Connection, Healing, Curiosity & Exploration.


The Dolphin

Beautiful Blue Dolphin

This harmonious creature represents balance and intelligence. They are both playful and instinctive, these traits teach you to enjoy life but still take caution. Dolphins are the symbol of protection, humour and happiness. If your spirit animal is a Dolphin, it'll be filling you with peace and deep inner strength.

Spiritual meanings of the Dolphin: Harmony, Inner Strength, Protection, Joy, Resurrection & Cooperation.


The Dog

Grumpy Grey Dog With Blue eyes

Just as you'd expect, the dog is man's loyal friend. Their love is unmatched and never wavered. If you are being guided by the dog, then you are being protected. The dog is a reminder to be a little more playful in life and have a little extra perseverance with difficult tasks.

Spiritual meanings of the Dog: Faithfulness, Reliability, Protection, Unconditional love, Perseverance & Playfulness.


The Horse

Shadow Of A Black Strong Horse

If you are one of the lucky ones connected to the mighty horse, you will be gaining great strength and power as this animal pushes your boundaries and drives you towards your goals. Just like the horse, you have an appetite for freedom and adventure. The horse will guide you to run free and be your true wild self.

Spiritual meanings of the Horse: Strong Emotions, Sexual Energy, Un-tameable, Freedom, Adventure & Strength

Now you may not relate to any of the above animals, perhaps your Spirit Animal is a dragon, a rabbit, fish or a goat... You'll find bundles of incredible information on the internet about each and every animal and their spiritual meanings. Just bear in mind, your animal can assist you through one specific patch of your life and then change with another more fitting animal for the next chapter. So, always remain connected with who you are and be true to yourself as even the tiniest of creatures could be providing you with copious amounts of courage and strength.

Strong Ants

Right, I'm off to the zoo, I feel a connection coming on. See you next time my fellow animal!

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